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Operation and maintenance of power station

As the earlier professional operator of power station management in the new energy industry, AKCOME has one professional operation and maintenance team with skills and strength. With goals of maintenance and appreciation of asset value and benefit maximization for power station, AKCOME is dedicated to providing comprehensive services, such as management of safe production, intelligent operation and custody, power station detection, high-voltage preventive test, etc. At present, AKCOME has operated and managed more than 50 PV stations and has 40 professional operation and maintenance teams of power station which spread over the whole country and can make rapid response. With operation and maintenance ability of 10GW power station with super-large scale, AKCOME aims at operation, maintenance and management of 20% solar PV power stations throughout the country.

Three-level layered management pattern

Layered management pattern for operation management: head office-region-power station, goals, information and requirements of production task will be implemented layer by layer to realize uniform command and allocation of resources as well as specific implementation of project.


The company pays high attention to establishment of informatization platform and it is the first PV enterprise to develop and apply intelligent management system in this industry. Application of advanced technology of Internet and integration of on-line and off-line operation experience are aimed at creating intelligent energy operation platform, effectively increasing power generation income, reducing management cost and supporting agile innovation, which will bring higher earnings for operation and maintenance of power station.

System advantages

● Including operation and maintenance analysis system, power station monitoring system, production management system, comprehensive dispatching and mobile operation and maintenance system which fully cover production and management of power station.

● KPI indicators of several power stations are used to assess operation conditions of power station and to offer optimization suggestions. PR of power stations will be analyzed and compared to support power generation plan and complete analysis and five-point and four-part loss analysis is allowed.

● Construction of AKCOME PV power generation database will be constantly improved to provide strong support for project development, post evaluation of power station, data benchmarking, financial service, consultation about power station, preliminary design, equipment type selection, etc.

Monitoring Interface of Production and Operation Center



The company sticks to the idea of high standards, strict requirements and high-quality services and focuses on construction of management system. Zhongkang Electric Power is the only power station enterprise with three certificates of system certification in our country. With subordinate laboratories and scientific research institutions, the company has detection equipment and instrument in the international power industry and PV industry. Meanwhile, the company will also carry out safe operation detection and preventive test service for PV, hydraulic engineering, thermal power, power transmission and transformation and other power stations. At present, the company has obtained Qualification Certificates of Inspection Agencies (CMA), Laboratory Accreditation Certificate of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) and Construction Permit for Installation (Repair and Commissioning) of Electric Power Facilities issued by National Energy Administration.

Construction Permit for Installation (Repair and Commissioning) of Electric Power Facilities


Continuously carry out refined construction of power station, explore and learn advanced operation and maintenance experience in this industry, optimize and improve operation, maintenance and production in cleaning, snow removal, weeding and efficiency increase to reduce losses, increase earnings and maximize economic benefits.

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