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EPC service

Provide design, purchase, construction, grid connection, elimination of shortcomings and overall turnkey project service for customers. Efficient and high-quality EPC service will reassure customers.

Core advantages

Professional EPC ability

◎ Professional project management team

At present, AKCOME has 13 designers, 19 registered workers, 38 engineers at medium-grade professional titles, including 5 senior engineers; AKCOME has 30 professional project managers, including 17 constructors (6 primary registered construction engineers); several senior experts with more than 8 years of construction and management experience of PV power station.

◎ Impeccable management system

One impeccable engineering project management system has been established.
  • Certification of Environment Management System

  • Certification of Quality Management System

  • Certification of Occupational Health and Safety Management System

◎ Complete qualifications

  • Engineering Design Qualification Certificate

  • Three-level Qualification of General Construction Contracting of Construction Engineering and Utility Engineering

  • Three-level Qualification of General Contracting of Electric Power Engineering

Rich EPC experience of power station

AKCOME Energy Project has rich EPC experience after establishing 1.3GW power station

Accumulated completed construction projects
  • Xinjiang 400MW
    Henan 170MW
    Shandong 120MW
  • Gansu 100MW
    Jiangxi 100MW
    Qinghai 90MW
  • Liaoning 75MW
    Anhui 60MW
    Yunnan 60MW
  • Jiangsu 50MW
    Guangdong 40MW
    Shanxi 30MW
  • Guangxi 20MW
    Jilin 10MW
    Hunan 4MW
  • Hubei 22MW
    Neimeng 20MW
    Hebei 20MW

Advantages of efficient and integrated supply chain

AKCOME, as one large and powerful integrated supplier of PV accessories in China, its modules, solar mounting systems and other products are in leading position in this industry. Meanwhile, the company has strong purchase advantages of the group to realize integration and quick response to supply chain and ensure smooth coordination of business flow, logistics, capital flow and information flow to meet the customers’ demands.


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