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PV Education

Education is always in our heart. In the old revolutionary base areas of Jiangxi province and some western remote areas, with our own advantages in PV industry, we used the “PV +" model to help the local poor families both in material and spiritual, to improve educational environment, to carry out the construction of distributed power plants on the roof of school buildings, to provide voluntary education about dreams and energy, as well as the donations of electricity, books, desks and chairs and office supplies, the construction of teaching buildings, children's palaces, basketball courts and low-carbon science-teaching base, etc. As of 2016, the total donation has amounted to over 37 million yuan. Aikang has been taking practical actions to fulfill its social responsibility and actively devoting itself to social public welfare undertakings, bringing care to more children in remote areas.

Donation for Education

• On Sep. 10, 2010, the “Emotion Tied to Hometown, Heart Tied to Education” donation ceremony of AKCOME Science & Technology was held in Xiaobian Primary School of Sanjiang Township, Nankang City, Jiangxi Province. In the donation ceremony, 45 computers, 45 sets of office desks and chairs and 2,000 brand-new books were donated for four schools of Sangjiang Village, including Xiaobian Primary School, Xiejiao Primary School, Donggu Primary School and Wuling Primary School.
• On Nov. 17, 2011, in the “Donation for School Construction, Return for Hometown” donation ceremony, AKCOME Science & Technology donated 2 million yuan for construction of new teaching building of Xiejiao Jointly-operated Senior Primary School of Sanjiang Township, Nankang City, Jiangxi Province. It is said that the new teaching building incorporates classrooms and multifunctional rooms as a whole and has been completed and put into use at present, which creates a safe and comfortable learning environment for students.
• On Dec. 18, 2011, a donation ceremony was held in Rugao Economic Development Zone. AKCOME Science & Technology donated 2.18 million yuan to the Experimental Primary School of Rugao Economic Development Zone for construction of AKCOME Children’s Palace and donated new school uniforms for all students.
• 2In 2014, it donated 4 million yuan to Nankang High School for construction of Fengyu Basketball Court, reconstruction of LED street lights and construction of low carbon science popularization base. Meanwhile, it applied steel-structure shed of the basketball court, students’ dormitories and canteen roof to construct 930KW distributed power stations; and after completion for operation and maintenance, it would donate 5 years of power generating capacity.
• In 2015, it established Ganzhou educational fund and donated 4 million yuan for education support.

AKCOME’s Volunteers are Taking Actions

Year 2012
• On Apr. 25, 2012, 30 parcels fully loaded with AKCOME people’s strong love were post to Xinhua Love Education Foundation for helping poor children in Daliang Mountain of Sichuan Province.
• ON July 21, 2012, AKCOME’s volunteer activity about loving “Angles without Wings” was held in Children Welfare Institution of Jiangyin City; despite high temperature, 13 volunteers, on behalf of the company, brought a batch of summertime supplies and children’s picture books to the children there, and had a happy time with them.
• On Sep. 6, 2012, seven AKCOME’s volunteers went far to Yuwen Jointly-operated Senior Primary School of Sanjiang Township, Nankang City, Jiangxi Province for supporting education and brought new school uniforms to the students.

Year 2015
• In July 2015, Nantong AKCOME Metal Science & Technology Co., Ltd. set up a volunteer service team to subsidize full amount of tuition for three poor college students, passing true love with strong feelings of love.
• In September 2015, seven AKCOME’s volunteers went to Yuwen Jointly-operated Senior Primary School of Sanjiang Township, Nankang City, Jiangxi Province for supporting education for the second time and brought approximately one thousand books to the students.
• In December 2015, six AKCOME’s volunteers went far to Jinxiu Primary School of Xiaowan Town, Fengqing County, Yunnan Province for supporting education. They brought 15 lively and interesting classes about dreams and energy to the students, and donated over 300 books and over 1,000 sets of school supplies, bringing countless happiness and dreams to them. AKCOME has been performing its social responsibilities through its own actions to bring care and love to more children in remote areas.

In the future, AKCOME will continue to engage in environmental protection and public welfare undertakings, sowing warmth all over China and passing green hope to the heart of every person.