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  • AKCOME published a brand-new strategy focusing on “intelligent manufacturing of efficient new energy”

  • 2018

    AKCOME ranked the 476th on the Chinese Private Enterprises Top 500 and the 57th on the Global New Energy Top 500

    The cornerstone of 5GW High Efficiency Solar Module Manufacturing Base in Changxing, Zhejiang Province was laid

    AKCOME launched AKCOME Morning Star Program and entered the manufacture of high efficiency solar modules

    AKCOME established branches in Hong Kong

  • AKCOME launched AKCOME University and “Tiger Camp” Program

    AKCOME’s capacity of modules was expanded to 1.5GW

  • 2016

    AKCOME was listed in the “2016 Chinese Private Enterprises Top 500” and ranked 46th in the Global New Energy Enterprises

    AKCOME built the Solar Module Production Base in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province

    Modules produced by AKCOME were tested and certified by “Top Runner Program”

  • AKCOME’s assets amounted to RMB 20 billion, with the qualifications of the Chinese Private Enterprises Top 500

    AKCOME established Electricity Sale Company and obtained electricity sales licenses in many cities and regions

    AKCOME entered in several CCTV channels to appeal to more attentions for the new energy brand image of AKCOME

    AKCOME established branches in Japan and South Korea

    AKCOME established branches in Japan and South Korea

  • 2014

    AKCOME’s assets were over RMB 10 billion

    AKCOME established Financial and E-Commerce Industrial Parks in Wuxi and Ganzhou

    AKCOME established an administrative center in Shanghai

  • AKCOME established offices and branches in Beijing, Nanjing, Taipei, Australia, etc.

    Nantong Profiles achieved a historic breakthrough

  • 2012

    AKCOME Group Headquarter Building construction commenced

    AKCOME Research Institute was officially established

    Zhongkang Electric Power Company was established

    AKCOME Energy Engineering Company was established

  • AKCOME laid a cornerstone of Suzhou Module Production Base and officially entered the field of solar cell manufacturing

    AKCOME purchased Qinghai Beixiang New Energy, and Qinghai Gonghe Power Station connected to the Power Grid to generate electricity. AKCOME formally entered the downstream power generation market.

    IBM management was reformed and ERP went online.

    AKCOME was officially listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange with stock name of “AKCOME Technology”.

  • 2010

    The cornerstone of AKCOME new material factory was laid

    AKCOME passed TUV system certification

  • AKCOME new plant was completed and settled officially

    Nantong AKCOME Metal was established and put into operation

    Guangdong AKCOME Base was put into operation

  • 2008

    Solar Energy R&D Center was established

    The cornerstone of AKCOME new factory was laid

    GOVTOR invested RMB 78 million

    AKCOME Bracket Company was put into operation

    AKCOME passed ISO environment system certification

  • Frames were produced in mass

    AKCOME expanded European and American markets, etc.

  • 2006

    AKCOME Company was established

    Frame production line was officially put into operation

    AKCOME passed the inspection and acceptance by Sumitomo, Sharp and Mitsubishi and expanded the Japanese market successfully

    AKCOME passed ISO quality system certification