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AKCOME Focus| AKCOME Changxing Project Construction Marched to the Sprint Stage
2019/07/18   598  
The site of AKCOME Changxing Efficient Heterojunction Project in the sprint stage of construction, just like the hot wave of summer in July, is in an atmosphere of fiery construction. On July 16, the Project ushered in the field observation of the Second-Quarter “Comparison, Learning, Catch-up & Surpass” Delegation of Changxing County. Led by Zhou Weibing, the Secretary of Changxing County Committee, the Delegation was accompanied by Ye Baiyun, the Director of the Standing Committee of Changxing People’s Congress, Pan Huaming, the Chairman of Changxing People’s Political Consultative Conference and other leaders of four teams (Party Committee, People’s Congress, Government & People’s Political Consultative Conference) of Changxing County, and covered nearly thousands of members from relevant county economic sectors and all teams of villages and towns for investigation.

Recently, AKCOME Changxing Project has ushered in the inspection and learning from the peers and been praised by the leaders for multiple times. Just in recent half a month, it ushered the investigation and survey by one 150-person delegation of “mutual observation, mutual learning & mutual comparison” of the districts and counties in Huzhou City led by Ma Xiaohui, the Secretary of Huzhou Municipal Committee of Chinese Communist Party, and the delegation of the main leaders from Zhejiang Energy Group. Since its implementation, the Project is strongly supported by the governments of all levels. Driven by the local excellent business environment, AKCOME Changxing Project hits a fresh record of commencement in 42 days after contract conclusion. The Project is even listed into the “Million-Mu & One Hundred Billion (refer to the space up to millions of mu and output more than one hundred billion)” new industry platform cultivation project which is one of ten landmark engineering support projects in the great bay area construction of Zhejiang Province, and furthermore selected into the major industry project of Zhejiang Province and “Great, Good & High” projects of Huzhou City, etc. Such selections embody not only the support of all levels of governments toward AKCOME Project, but also the real and true attention and guarantee to the project in terms of capital, land use and policy.

It is reported that the Project will be implemented in three phases, of which the Phase 1 is expected to achieve volume production at the end of this year and the Phase 2 will be commenced in the first half of next year. After the design capacity is reached by the Project, the expected annual sales income can be up to RMB 12 billion.