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Zou Chenghui, president of Akcome, benefits his folks with RMB 4 million for road repairing

2016-06-28 14:03:11  Click:Times

    Ye Fuping, head of Sanjiang Town People’s Government, received the 4 million yuan cheque from Zou Chenghui, president of Akcome, at the donation ceremony held by Sanjiang Town People’s Government, Nankang District, Ganzhou on May 29. The cheque will be used for road renovation so as to promote the development of photovoltaic power industry and modern sightseeing agriculture in Xiaobian Village. So far, Zou Chenghui has totally donated more than RMB 16 million for cultural and educational programs and infrastructure in his hometown over the years. 

    It is said that the original road between crossing road in Xiaobian Village and Xiejiao Village is 2.6 kilometers long and 4.5 meters wide full of bumps and hollows. The road will be broadened to 6.5 meters and equipped with drainage ditches and solar street lights on both sides in line with the three-level highway standard. The renovation will provide thousands of villagers in three villages nearby an access to convenient roads for traveling and spur the development of local photovoltaic power industry and modern sightseeing agriculture. Now, we are calling for bids based on the complete drawing design. The project is expected to start in July. 

  Zou Chenghui, born at Xiaobian Village, Nankang District, Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province, was assigned to work at a bank after graduation. Then, he changed his job and worked as webmaster at a private company and was promoted to be vice president afterwards. He seized upon the opportunity to start his own business in 2005. Ten years of hard work and operation have resulted on thriving business. He has been a successful industrialist as a result. Now, Akcome Group has registered a total asset of over RMB 20 billion and is qualified to be listed in China's top 500 private enterprises. The Group operates more than 200 branches worldwide in Suzhou, Beijing, Qinghai, Sinkiang, Liaoning and Japan with over 5000 employees. Its clients come from all corners of the world. 
  As Zou Chenghui loves his hometown deeply, he has been committed to bringing benefit to his folks for years. He donated 45 computers, 45 sets of office tables and chairs and 2000 new books to Xiaobiao Primary School, Xiejiao Jointly-running Primary School, Donggu Primary School and Wuling Primary School in Sanjiang Town in September 2010. He donated RMB 2 million to build a new teaching building for Xiejiao Jointly-running Senior Primary School, located at Sanjiang Town, Nankang District, Jiangxi in November 2011. He donated RMB 4 million to Nankang Junior High School for basketball court construction, LED street light renovation and low-carbon science base construction in 2014. Moreover, he also built 930KW distributing power station with the help of steel-structure shed of basketball court, and the roof of students’ dormitory and restaurant. He would donate 5-year output of electricity after the power station was set in motion. He established the Ganzhou Educational Fund and donated RMB 4 million to support education in 2015. 
  As the ability of an individual is limited, Zou Chenghui values more on thriving his hometown through industry. Ganzhou natives bear the largest responsibility and obligations to thrive their hometown, especially local successful businessmen outside as they have some resources, assets and advanced management philosophy. As a result, he serves as the chairman of the Jiangxi Business Alliance and Ganzhou Chamber of Commerce at Yangtze River Delta and calls on more than 5000 members from 26 local chambers of commerce to make Ganzhou grow and prosper. He gives full play to his leadership and encourages more Ganzhou businessmen to return to inspect and invest in ways that move the backward industries to a luster industry whose main business income may reach RMB one million and even RMB 100 billion. 

    Now, RMB 10 billion raised by Zou Chenghui and other Ganzhou businessmen at an early stage will be used in local new energy vehicles, charging points, new industrial manufacturing and energy Internet. They have signed the strategic cooperation agreement with many counties (districts), such as, Chongyi, Shangyou, Nankang, Xunwu and Shicheng. The PPP targeted poverty relief and storage logistics projects have been under construction. 


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