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Akcome Group leads the energy interconnection and makes its debut in SNEC(2016)

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  From May 24 to 26, 2016, Akcome Group, a leading new energy enterprise, makes its debut in the global and professional photovoltaic event, namely, SNEC2016 International Solar Energy Industry and Photovoltaic Engineering Exhibition (Shanghai). Guided by the theme of ushering in a new era of energy Internet, Akcome Group aims to show its latest development strategy and core business comprehensively. 

  Akcome Group has been invited to attend SNEC Photovoltaic Exhibition for years running.   It is able to surprise photovoltaic community and audience each time when it shows up. The simple 2016 SNEC booth of Akcome Group is designed mainly in white and decorated with the color with which Akcome’s logo is painted to highlight its achievement in technology, future and Internet. The Group aims to build a high-end and cool booth image to be easily recognized by participants. When it comes to the planning of functional areas, Akcome sets 240-sqm conventional exhibition area, 90-sqm public negotiation area and party area to facilitate the rest and negotiation of participants. Famous brand drinks and desserts are served. 

  The publicity theme of Akcome Group this time is “ushering in a new era of energy Internet” which presents the core concept of the third strategic transformation. Akcome Group has launched the strategic transformation of “energy + Internet + Finance” since 2015. Akcome does well in solar manufacturing and comprehensive operation services, follows the thinking of “Internet+” and the business model of “inclusive finance”. It also links the solar electricity generators to sellers. By doing so, Akcome will usher in a new era of energy Internet and emerges as a comprehensive energy services provider. 

  Akcome Group will adopt a whole-new business model and put top investment priority to energy services and financial services through this transformation. Energy services include power station EPC, operation & maintenance services, ranking inspection and evaluation and carbon resource exploration; financial services include financial leasing, Internet finance, fund and asset management. Financial services aim to connect financial links so as to minimize the cost. 

  Business heads will make speeches in turn and deeply explain the business mentioned above for the public so as to make them know the existing business landscape of Akcome Group across the board.

  During all-day speeches, there are performances, such as, dynamic violin, hot dances, elegant saxophone and melodious zither, attracting a mass of spectators. 

     It is known that Akcome will lay stress on both energy generation and consumption based on energy interconnection. One the one hand, Akcome will connect the energy generation and consumption through intelligent management. Thanks to intelligent platform of Akcome, operators can have access to operation and maintenance of power stations; meanwhile, distributing power station users can check the operation of their power stations at any time. This is what underlies the development of energy Internet in the future. On the other hand, generate and consume the energy through Internet financial innovation. More people will be involved in the new energy industry based on financial innovation. Innovative investment methods will address the long-term financing problems in photovoltaic industry. 

     Akcome will herald in an era of energy Internet and provides the rest of world an access to its electricity based on the innovative layouts in these areas. 

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