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Aluminum Frames
Introduction of Products

At present, sales volume of solar aluminum frames produced by AKCOME with self-owned intellectual property right has ranked the first in the world. AKCOME’s annual output of aluminum frames reaches 30 million sets, and the annual turnover is over 1.3 billion yuan, accounting for over 20% of global market shares for six consecutive years and ranking the first in global frame industry.

Solar aluminum frames are used to fix and seal solar cell modules, enhance strength of the modules and extend service life, and are convenient for transportation and installation. Perfect cutting, accurate positioning, high-precision drilling, excellent modules, precision of which can reach 0.2mm, and rigorous and fine production process make every part remarkable. The advantages of leading technology, exquisite craftsmanship and high-quality products create the classic brand of AKCOME. AKCOME’s production capacity, production precision and quality are leading in the same industry, and its products are all exported to the global top 500 enterprises in Southeast Asia and Europe, being widely acknowledged by top 50 enterprises of the international market in PV industry.

Advantages of Products

A Advantages of Products
Until 2016, the company has already had six years of production experience. This year, the company can even provide frames that meet the demand of 8.5-9GW modules. It is a real leader of aluminum frame industry, market shares of which account for 20% of the total market shares of the world.

B Perfect quality control system
It has outstanding quality control teams, certified by ISO9001and TüV.

C Excellent equipment
It has advanced production equipment, including 12 automatic production lines and 32 manual production lines, which can effectively save costs.

D Excellent research and development strength
We have the capacity of designing, researching and developing new types of frames, and there has been up to 20 kinds of frames.

Product Details
  • Material specification: aluminum alloy 6063 T5 / T6 / T66
  • Monthly output: 2,000,000 sets
  • Certification: TuV, ISO 9001, ISO 14000
  • Colors: silvery, black, brown, champagne
  • Surface treatment: anodic oxidation, sand blasting, dusting, electrophoresis
  • Styles: having over 20 kinds of self-owned frame designs for free choice
  • Assembling: installation of 45 corner connectors and installation of 90 screws
  • Packaging: combined packaging by EP paper, cartons and wooden pallets
  • Corresponding module models: 190W/200W/230W/235W/245W/280W/295W/...
  • Equipment Details
  • Name of Equipment
  • Cutting machine30
  • Double-end saw40
  • Bending machine30
  • Automatic production line8
  • Punching machine40
  • Punching machine
    Monthly Output
  • 12,000 per day360,000 per month
  • 10,000 per day300,000 per month
  • 6,000 per day180,000 per month
  • 8,000 per day240,000 per month
  • 15,000 per day450,000 per month
  • Detection equipment
  • vernier calipers, universal angle meter, hardness gauges, film thickness gauges, mechanical calipers, inspection tool and tensile testing machines
  • Name of Equipment
    Manufacturing Capacity
    Manufacturing Capacity
    Manufacturing Capacity3012,000 per day360,000 per month
    Double-end saw4010,000 per day300,000 per month
    Bending machine306,000 per day180,000 per month
    Automatic production line88,000 per day240,000 per month
    Punching machine4015,000 per day450,000 per month
    Detection equipmentvernier calipers, universal angle meter, hardness gauges, film thickness gauges, mechanical calipers, inspection tool and tensile testing machines
  • EVA Film
  • Aluminum Profiles
  • Precise Metal
  • PV ribbons
  • Hotline:400-101-7000

    Service Time:08:00-24:00