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PV Environment Protection
AKCOME always takes environmental protection as the primary part of the enterprise concept and has been actively carrying out unique and effective exploration in the fields of new energy and low carbon for a long time. In 2016, AKCOME Group found an opportunity in the industry of new energy and took the lead in opening Energy Internet Age to consolidate the strength of power generation by new energy and continuously expand its leading position and leading advantages in the industry of new energy, thereby becoming the most reliable international supplier of overall solutions to clean energy and comprehensive service provider in new financial field of China.
Green and Low-carbon Actions

1. It developed and operated photovoltaic power stations to develop more green energy for humans;
2. It organized and established a low-carbon seeded group to create a truly complete low-carbon industrial chain which can get through each part of “carbon service enterprises-emission control enterprises-new energy enterprises-energy saving enterprises-carbon market investors-financial institutions”, and to integrate all strength of the industry and the whole society so as to gather strength for healthy development of Chinese carbon market, for practical promotion of carbon emission reduction of China’s economy, for bluer sky and greener land, and for transformation and upgrading of China’s economy.
3. It held an activity of AKCOME Carbon Neutralization Year, through which it counteracted carbon dioxide generated from fireworks for 5.484 million people in total while popularizing low carbon concept, raised donation of RMB 21,695 and donated 3,656 tons of CCER for carbon neutralization, making a contribution to green career.
4. AKCOME Science & Technology is dedicated in carbon asset development and research on carbon finance to expand additional value of photovoltaic power stations. It signed a Contract of Carbon Asset Income Right Transfer with Beijing Hengyu Tianze Investment Management Co., Ltd. to transfer part of already formed carbon asset income right at the price of RMB 21 per ton (RMB 18,449,850 in total).
5. It established a carbon asset management fund to promote rapid development of carbon asset business.

Low-carbon Contributions and Achievements

Until 2015, it has accumulatively reduced emission of 1.085 million tons of carbon dioxide.
Until 2015, AKCOME has carried out many green supporting education and donation activities, and has accumulatively donated over 20 million yuan.
Until 2015, it has established dozens of photovoltaic power stations all over the world, providing about 800 million kwh green energy for humans every year.

On Jan. 17, 2016, in the 7th World Economic and Environmental Conference, AKCOME Group was awarded “International Carbon-value Award--Innovative Value Award” due to its outstanding achievements in the fields of new energy and carbon finance, and the CEO Zou Chenghui was awarded “International Carbon-value Award--Carbon-value Innovator Award”.

Jiangsu AKCOME Group is committed to low-carbon environmental protection undertakings, gathering strength for bluer sky and greener land!


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