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President Speech
Today the world has become a village, with smooth information connection; today stories of entrepreneurship have never ended and business heroes keep emerging.

AKCOME has come into being in such an era. In the past several years, we have been developing and growing rapidly and robustly and have made proud achievements; we have sincerely cooperated and moved forward with our clients and ushered in a win-win situation; we are fearless of challenges and have converted resistant force into the driving force for our advancing. Meanwhile, we have also harvested happiness. In August 2011, AKCOME Technology was officially listed, which had become a starting point for AKCOME to create brilliance.

Glory belongs to the past; in the future, we will work harder.

AKCOME will keep perfecting itself around four cornerstones, "system, talents, culture, technology". On the basis of the existing institutional system, quality system and budget management system, it will continue to introduce IBM management consultation to further optimize its systems and ascend the cultivation of talents to a new height through seven talent plans. Meanwhile, it will gradually establish a corporate culture with characteristics of AKCOME, continue to carry forward the spirit of technological innovation, strengthen its internal quality and expand the market, and continuously enhance its competitive strength.

We are clear that whether in the past or in the future, AKCOME will not exist simply for profit. It will be our ultimate goal to blaze a trail of new energy and become a respectable enterprise. It will become our spiritual pillar to support us to move forward forever.

AKCOME staff full of passion and dream will work hard and forge ahead towards tomorrow. We are also eager to working with all people with high aspirations and down-to-earth to shoulder the social responsibility and achieve our ideal of life.


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