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Company Profile

AKCOME Funds is committed to integrating various resources, promoting integration of industry and finance in new energy industry of our country and promoting rapid development of new energy industry of our country base on strong resource background of AKCOME Group. AKCOME Funds will pay close attention to the industries of new energy, advanced manufacturing and Internet finance, carry out integration of investment and financing operation and management, and provide value-add services such as financing service, mode optimization, management improvement and business development for the invested enterprises by integrating various resources and experience, thereby helping the enterprises achieve value enhancement, achieving mutual benefits of various investors and bringing a positive driving force for new energy industry of our country from the perspective of capital.

Investment Strategy

By combining with industrial advantages of AKCOME Group and the investment team’s practical experience in industrial investment management and in investment and financing market, and through investment in projects regarding to energy saving, emission reduction and clean energy utilization which have stable returns and investment in relevant industrial projects which are strongly supported by the country, AKCOME Funds will achieve “stable & safe + excess returns” investment strategy for its funds.

Business Introduction

I. New Energy Industry Fund

Why to choose AKCOME’s new energy industry fund?
1. Well experienced in photovoltaic power industry, having keen insight and judgment on projects;
2. Knowing clearly about the capital market, and having an excellent financial service team;
3. Stable and reliable mode of fund operation, and advanced mode of integrated management.

Plan for Photovoltaic Power Station Industry Fund

1. Overall Structure of Industry Fund

2. Operation Process for “Construction Period” Photovoltaic Industry Fund

3. Operation Process for “Operation Period” Photovoltaic Industry Fund

II.Equity Investment Fund
1. Investment Fields

• Internet/science and technology/media
• New energy/clean technology/advanced manufacturing
• Innovative services/consumer goods
• Medical treatment and health

2. Main Investment Forms

• Venture capital investment: newly-established enterprises
• Risk capital investment: mature enterprises

3. Stable Withdrawal Channels

IPO, NEEQ, equity transfer, equity buyback, merger and acquisition of listed companies, etc.

4. Unique Advantages

It has cooperated with many large financial institutions such as ABC International Holdings Limited, having broad and superior project resources.
Focusing on new energy, “Internet Plus” and high-tech industries, having the ability of in-depth industry research, and combining with strong risk control mechanism and project team’s professional and prudent ability of project due diligence and financial analysis, it can ensure to choose high-quality projects.

Fund Operation Process and Risk Control

1. Project selection and decision making; 2. Fund management; 3. After-investment management; 4. Liquidation and withdrawal; 5. Risk control. • Acquisition commitment of AKCOME• Return guaranty of operation and maintenance company • Joint liability guaranty of AKCOME


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