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Financing Lease
Company Profile

AKCOME Financing Lease is specialized in providing financing lease services for clean energy power generation assets including solar-energy photovoltaic assets. It was registered in Shanghai Free Trade Zone with a registered capital of one billion yuan. Adhering to the three strategies of asset lever, supply chain finance and asset management, the company has been putting industrial finance into practice; and by the operation mode of industry combining with finance, it will establish green asset operation ability with new energy as the core, provide excellent services to clients and quickly enter the mainstream capital market, thereby becoming a bridge between green industry and capital and a promoter for new energy pricing mechanism in the future.

Business Introduction

I. Financing Plans for Construction Period of Surface Photovoltaic Power Stations

I. Financing Plans for Construction Period of Surface Photovoltaic Power Stations

Combining Industry with Finance, Directly Striking the Pain Point of Capital Shortage

With financing experts for photovoltaic power stations, AKCOME Fuluona can provide the most reasonable plan for owners of power stations and EPC by means of financing lease, which will optimize liability structure and cash flow of owners and EPC while relieving financial pressure of project construction. We are dedicated in construction of photovoltaic power stations used for lease of clean energy.

Characteristics of Products:
1. Clear deal structure; 2. Simple guaranty conditions; 3. Easy operation process;
4. Customized plan; 5. Flexible modes of installment; 6. Various supporting resources.

II. Financing Plans for Distributed Photovoltaic Power Stations

II. Financing Plans for Distributed Photovoltaic Power Stations

Green Power Stations, Let Your Roofs Make Money for You

AKCOME Financing Lease can provide one-stop investment plans for investors of household distributed photovoltaic power stations and industrial and commercial distributed photovoltaic power stations, which can let you easily enjoy “energy-saving, environmental-friendly, safe, convenient and comfortable” high-quality smart life while using green power and creating wealth.

Characteristics of Products:
1. Zero threshold, zero risk, zero handling charge, payment by installments, money saving and labor saving, easily possessing environmental-friendly and exclusive roof photovoltaic power stations;
2. First-class equipment and first-class technology, creating diversified product portfolios ; high-grade, medium-grade and low-grade product assortment, meeting various and diversified demands of clients;
3. Standardized products, standardized on-site inspection, standardized construction, professional after-sales quality assurance, one-stop service, convenient, free from worry, and safe.

III. Financing Lease Plans for Supply Chains of Manufacturers

III. Financing Lease Plans for Supply Chains of Manufacturers

Hand in Hand with AKCOME Financing Lease, Creating Photovoltaic Ecosphere

AKCOME Financing Lease has cooperated with excellent suppliers in photovoltaic industry, forming strategic alliances to jointly develop green energy. By the cooperation mode of manufacturer leasing, it can professionally control market risks to help suppliers of high-quality photovoltaic equipment expand their sales market and achieve fast return, thereby creating a new win-win mode and creating a superior and healthy photovoltaic ecosphere.

Types of Products:
Relevant equipment of a photovoltaic power station: inverters, transformers, photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic brackets, photovoltaic cables, etc.

Advantages of plans:
Financial strength: strong background of shareholders, sufficient capital funds of the company, diversified capital channels and strong liquidity.
Quick response: standard process supported by green channel mechanism, ensuring pace of financing, and significantly increasing efficiency.
Flexible combinations: individualized design, customized service, flexible time limit, and diversified products, matching various demands.


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