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Asset Management
Company Profile

Shanghai AKCOME Fuluona Asset Management Co., Ltd. was established in Apr. 10, 2015 with a registered capital of 30 million yuan. It is a limited liability company that incorporates asset management, industrial investment, investment management, business consultation, investment consultation, financial information technology outsourcing entrusted by financial institutions, financial business process outsourcing entrusted by financial institutions, financial knowledge process outsourcing entrusted by financial institutions, marketing planning, e-commerce, market information consultation and investigation, transit trade, inter-enterprise trade and agency as a whole. While improving financial business structure, the company formed three core business services, including carbon finance, strategic investment and sunshine private fund.

Business Introduction

I. Carbon Asset Development and Carbon Finance

(1) Mode of Operation
Setting up a carbon fund: setting up a specialized fund to manage carbon assets developed or purchased by the company through building a specialized carbon asset management team, thereby maximizing return on carbon assets. At present, the company has reached cooperation intention with many domestic large energy-using enterprises to jointly set up a larger scale of carbon fund.

(2) Advantages
• Professional carbon asset management team;
• Stable sources of carbon assets;
• Various sales methods and diversified sales channels.

II. Sunshine Private Fund

With Chinese people’s accumulation of wealth, people’s demand for financial management is higher and higher. The company is dedicated in creating a high-stability and high-profit wealth management platform.

Advantages of the Company:
(1) Professional Operation Team
• Engaging a professional investment team which has a long history of investment and has achieved stable profits;
• Perfect risk management system;
• Decentralized investment to control non-systematic risks.

(2) Sound Investment Ideas
The company chooses stocks that have good fundamentals as investment objects, accurately controls market style at the same time, and increases return on investment of investors as much as possible while ensuring steady investment.

III. Strategic Investment

Mode of Funds:

Taking self-owned funds as inferior funds, the company set up a specialized buyout investment fund to actively carry out external strategic investment and to build its reputation in capital market. It focuses on high and new technology, new materials, new products, industry convergence, Internet Plus, and financial stock rights accepted by the market. Through deep-going research on various industries, it actively looks for proper objects to carry out acquisition, and carries out early stage incubation and acceleration, making the company share innovation benefits.

Advantages of the Company:
1. Professional buyout investment team: the company has engaged a professional investment team, which has taken charge of many famous investment projects, such as “STO Express Backdoor IDC”, “Private Placement of Orient Securities” and “CMGE Backdoor Century Huatong (CHT)”.
2. Perfect risk management system: the company carries out deep identification of project risks and actively carries out due diligence at the same time to ensure quality of its investment projects.
3. Strong fund capacity: as a brother company of a listed company, when the company finds a very good investment project, it can not only invest in their own as the main body but also jointly invest with listed companies and other famous companies. Besides, it can also conduct secured financing by borrowing credit of the listed company, thereby achieving investment in large projects.

IV. Direct Financing

The company can open up direct financing channels by participating in the enterprise’s private placement, block trade of stock rights, issuance of corporate bonds, issuance of short-term and medium-term financing, issuance of financing products and by launching and setting up various funds, and then carry out follow-up maintenance to increase effectiveness of the funds, reduce the enterprise’s financing costs, create a capital pool and support development and expansion of real economy.

V. Financial Intermediation

The company has established extensive and deep cooperation relationship with domestic first-class organizations, including security companies, fund companies, asset management companies, insurance companies, listed companies, trust companies, futures companies, audit firms, assessment firms and law firms. By applying experience obtained in group asset management, asset securitization and disposition of non-performing asset, the company can accept entrusting for asset custody business of enterprises beyond the group. Relying on its professional ability, the company is widely engaged in financial intermediation services for listed companies’ stock rights reduction, block trade, direct financing, third-party financial planning, equity merger and restructuring with innovative thinking, achieving mutual benefits with clients.

Strategic Objectives

The company will establish a team, as fast as it can, for efficient capital operation, asset management and financial planning on behalf of clients, build its brand image in capital market by taking high return on investment under risk control as its core competitiveness, form an asset management scale of several billion yuan, and achieve hyper-conventional development relying on its own healthy operation and by virtue of the capital market. Besides, through diversified investment strategies, research and development of products and development of client groups, the company becomes an integrated asset management company. By establishing a motivation system and carrying out risk control at the same time, the company has formed a set of effective procedure and company system for investment, financing and asset management, achieving growth of its own value and constantly developing into an all-round financial asset management company that has excellent capability of investment management while providing the entrusting parties with long-term, continuous and stable return.


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