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Career Path
Akcome always takes growth and development of its staff as the core of the company’s human resource management, and it has been internalized as a part of enterprise culture of the company. We provide our staff with two development channels, that is, management and specialty, encouraging our staff to develop themselves “deeply” and constantly develop themselves “widely” at the same time.

From attraction of talents to cultivation of talents, Akcome has formed its specific “Seven Major Talents Plans”—Plans of Golden Seeds, Sailing, Growth, Outstanding, Elites, Take-off and Retirement. From talents selection, joining, growth to retirement, all stages of talents development are included. For each stage, Akcome provides a thorough and clear career planning for its staff.

Akcome attaches great importance to talents, and pays more attention to methods of talents cultivation: it provides a complete set of training system to help the staff successfully transform from entry, work shift to promotion. Electronic learning platform of its Business School provides a self-service learning mode, which is well received by the staff; job skills training, work shift skills training and promotion training help the staff improve their skills; exchange meetings of internal lecturers and exchange meetings of the Business School promote experience sharing and communication among the staff.

  • Plan of Golden Seeds

  • Plan of Elites

  • Leadership Training
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