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Zou Chenghui, president of Akcome, benefits his folks with RMB 4 million for road repairing


Ye Fuping, head of Sanjiang Town People’s Government, received the 4 million yuan cheque from Zou Chenghui, president of Akcome, at the donation ceremony held by Sanjiang Town People’s Government, Nankang District, Ganzhou on May 29. The cheque will be used for road renovation so as to promote the development of photovoltaic power industry and modern sightseeing agriculture in Xiaobian Village. So far, Zou Chenghui has totally donated more than RMB 16 million for cultural and educational programs and infrastructure in his hometown over the years.

Akcome Group leads the energy interconnection and makes its debut in SNEC(2016)


From May 24 to 26, 2016, Akcome Group, a leading new energy enterprise, makes its debut in the global and professional photovoltaic event, namely, SNEC2016 International Solar Energy Industry and Photovoltaic Engineering Exhibition (Shanghai). Guided by the theme of ushering in a new era of energy Internet, Akcome Group aims to show its latest development strategy and core business comprehensively.

AKCOME Group 400 hotline was officially launched. Your enquiry is welcomed.


400 national unified service hotline is a professional service platform built by AKCOME Group with all efforts for external clients and internal staff. The service contents cover the company's business inquiry, business opportunity contact...

Akcome Xunwu 30MW Project Starts to construct smoothly


On April 26, 2016, a cornerstone laying ceremony for the 30MW agriculture-photovoltaic complemented project of East China branch of AKCOME Energy Engineering was held at Shangjia Village, Xunwu Town, Ganzhou, Jiangxi...

Things about AKCOME You Don't Know on 10th Summit Forum of New Energy


From April 20 to 21, the 10th International Summit Forum on New Energy was convened officially at Beijing National Convention Center. The forum was themed on "Celebrating Ten Years of Brilliance, Exploring Innovation and Growth"...

AKCOME Group and Guangchang of Fuzhou Signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with a Worth 2.5 Billion Yuan


Recently, AKCOME Group and the people's government of Guangchang County of Fuzhou has signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement. Both parties will carry out strategic cooperation in the fields such as targeted poverty alleviation investment of new energy...

Practicing Core Values of the Enterprise, Enhancing Innovative Thinking Ability--Corporate Culture Practice of AKCOME Jiangyin Base "Innovate Sustainably, Embrace Changes"


To strengthen the understanding of all staff in the core values of the enterprise "Innovate Sustainably, Embrace Changes", experience and feel how to innovate effectively and reflect on their actions and words, enhance their ability of innovation and reformation...

1st Meeting of the 4th Congress of Workers and Staff of AKCOME Group Convened Today


On April 15, the 1st meeting of 4th Congress of Workers and Staff of AKCOME Group was held at the reporting hall on the second floor of the group. The meeting was attended by Yi Meihuai, vice executive president, Zhang Xidong...

AKCOME Group and Longnan Ganzhou Sign a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement Worth 4 Billion Yuan


On April 12, AKCOME Group, the people's government of Longnan County Ganzhou, the administration committee of Longnan economic and technical development zone signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement...

Internet Finance Platform under AKCOME Group--AKCOME Financial Service Officially Released!


At 10 am on April 12, 2016, AKCOME Financial Service was officially released. After several rounds of internal tests, financial management product was released to the public for the first time...


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