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A leader in the photovoltaic manufacture industry

AKCOME is based on the manufacture of photovoltaic accessories, securing its leading status nationwide and even worldwide, having won an accumulation of over 60 awards.

  • An excellent accessory supplier of the year

  • Top 50 enterprises with highest investment value in China

  • Leading in photovoltaic engineering service quality

    AKCOME Engineering is committed to breaking through the full industrial chain services for PV power stations. AKCOME power station development, operation and maintenance has already been ranked among top three among non-public photovoltaic enterprises, having won an accumulation of over 30 awards.

  • An excellent developer of power stations

  • Top 500 global new energy

  • The energy Internet has achieved a long-term development

    AKCOME has opened up an era of energy Internet, and applied a business model of Internet+ thinking and inclusive finance to build a world of energy Internet, having won 5 awards thus far.

  • Gold prize of photovoltaic industry in China Brand Festival

  • An "Intelligent Enterprise" of Jiangsu Province

  • With prominent contribution in social responsibility

    AKCOME has insisted on public benefit activities in different forms such as education support, photovoltaic poverty alleviation and loving donation, contributing its strength to the society and industry, having won over 10 awards of social recognition.

  • Class AAA enterprise for quality and credit of Jiangsu Province

  • Award for best example of responsibility in 2015

  • Innovation spirit of the entrepreneur

    Relying on his acute commercial smell and financial thinking, Zou Chenghui, spiritual leader of AKCOME keeps innovating and integrating, tightly grasps the tempo of the era, builds AKCOME into a fighting fleet that can fight a tough battle, having won over 20 awards of social recognition.

  • Award from Mayor for Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship in 2015

  • Award for Global Commercial Leader

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