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  • ●AKCOME Financial Service went online in April
  • ●AKCOME opens the energy internet age and devotes to being the most reliable com
  • 2015
  • ●AKCOME had asset over RMB 20 billion and was qualified to be listed in Chinese
  • ●AKCOME obtained licenses for selling electricity in many districts and drew up
  • ●AKCOME has entered in 4 CCTV channels to appeal to more attentions for new ener
  • 2014
  • ●AKCOME established Financial and E-Commerce Industrial Parks in Wuxi and Ganzho
  • ●AKCOME established an administrative center in Shanghai
  • ●AKCOME’s asset was over 10billion
  • 2013
  • ●AKCOME established offices in Beijing, Nanjing, Taipei etc
  • ●AKCOME Green House Company was established
  • ●Nantong Extrudate achieved a historic breakthrough
  • 2012
  • ●AKCOME Group Headquarter Building went into operation
  • ●Zhongkang Electric Power Company was established
  • ●AKCOME Research Institute was established
  • ●Photovoltaic Plants in Qinghai, Xinjiang went into operation
  • 2011
  • ●IBM Management was reformed.
  • ●ERP went online
  • ●AKCOME Technology went public.
  • ●Qinghai Republic Power Plant was connected to the Power Grid
  • 2010
  • ●AKCOME New Material laid the foundation
  • ●Electronic junction box was put into production
  • ●Passed TUV system certification
  • 2009
  • ●The new workshop was completed and settled officially
  • ●Nantong AKCOME Metal was established and put into operation
  • ●Guangdong AKCOME Base was put into operation
  • 2008
  • ●Solar Energy R&D Center was established
  • ●Solar device new factory laid down the cornerstone
  • ●Mounting bracket company was put into operation
  • ●It passed ISO environment system certification
  • 2007
  • ● AKCOME Trading Co., Ltd. was established
  • ● It expanded European and Japan markets
  • 2006
  • ● AKCOME Company was established
  • ● It was officially put into operation
  • ● It passed ISO quality system certification
  • Hotline:400-101-7000

    Service Time:08:00-24:00