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AKCOME Showed Up in Intersolar Expo at Low Profile
2019/05/22   407  
From May 15 to May 17, Munich Solar Energy Expo – Intersolar of the maximum scale in Europe has been successfully concluded. AKCOME, with its bracket and module products, welcomed the industry customers to an accurate extent and showed up in the expo at low profile. On the site, AKCOME reached the intent order negotiation up to 25MW and monthly 15MW for module products and the intent order inquiry up to 350MW for bracket products.

Intersolar is the solar energy expo of the maximum scale and deepest influence across the globe up to now, which has a history of 27 years with an influence radiating to the global market. For Germany as the PV market at the fourth in the world and the first in Europe, AKCOME has participated in its exhibitions for many years and thus has long-standing market basis in Europe, and in combination with the advantage in supply of frame, bracket, module products, AKCOME specially invites the customers to negotiate at the stand.

There are 7 types of products on this display, including 410W shingled module, 375W monocrystal PERC, 340W polycrystal, 280W polycrystal, 365W monocrystal PERC double-glazed module, new material (POSMAC) ground-fixed brackets and follow-up system brackets.
Among them, having drawn a great attention, 410W efficient shingled modules – Kunpeng Series adopt the monocrystal PERC battery technology, apply the high-precision laser cutting, micron-order lamination positioning system and other technologies during the manufacturing of modules to effectively improve the product efficiency, and achieve the reliable connection of batteries with utilization of conducting resin to create much less gap, so as to endow high reliability and striking appearance of products.
In addition, 375W monocrystal PERC and 280W routine polycrystal modules also participate in the exhibition, both of which have obtained the first and same type of PV module DEKRA Seal certificate all over the globe and passed the DEKRA tests according to IEC 61215-1:2016, IEC 61215-1-1:2016, IEC 61215-2:2016, IEC 61730-1:2016 and IEC 61730-2:2016 series standards. As DEKRA is the largest inspection, testing and certification authority in Germany, obtainment of DEKRA Seal sign reflects the quality of AKCOME module products is in line with the world, showing AKCOME’s attention to the technical advancement and innovative development and insistence in quality and safety.
In addition to the modules, the bracket products are also remarkable, and Portugal 100MW ground-fixed brackets will also finish delivery in this month. Based on the product advantage of ground brackets, AKCOME increases the product research and development. In the ground-fixed brackets on this display, all beams adopt the new NSDCC materials of which the protective film generated on its surface is of excellent corrosion resistance and outstanding damage resistance due to high rigidity. Compared with traditional common hot galvanized products, the zinc aluminized sheets can be used for long term under 315℃; meanwhile, its ability to reflect the heat and light over 2 times also guarantees the long-term use of system in outdoor rigorous environment, ensuring a service life of 25 years. Super-long aluminum keel design can mitigate the construction difficulty, achieve great span and reduce the number of piles. Compared with the hot galvanized products, it can form the price advantage of 5%-10%.
Another type displayed is the flat single-axis follow-up system brackets which have been listed into the directory of First Solar qualified bracket suppliers at present. Unique pressing design can achieve the rapid installation; multi-point purline support enables the system to be safe and reliable, with quality guarantee up to 25 years, which can be extensively applied to the flat ground, mountain land, fishery-solar, pasturing-solar, flat roof and other projects.